Monday, August 24, 2015

PDX Marathon: Week 12 (7 weeks out)

I crushed it this week. I got in three "quality" workouts that worked three different systems at various paces. Typically, I would be happy with just one of these workouts going as planned during the week, let alone three. I'm speaking of a VO2 max session, lactate threshold/tempo session, and a long steady run. I'm somehow managing this without injury and too much fatigue. Steady as she goes so far.
Monday, Aug 17:
Fartlek run (60min, 8mi) 6 x 3min hard (sub-6:00) / 3min easy - I drilled this run at lunch today. One of the better runs of this type I've ever had. (Zante)

Tuesday, Aug 18:
Yoga (60min)
Hilly medium-long trail run (92min, 11mi) - Colin and I switched the run to Tuesday this week so we'd have a little more time to run. Took it straight up the trail from work to Fairmount and then connected with the Marquam 4T trail to the zoo. From here we continued on the Marquam and zoo trail circuit to Washington Park and then wound our way down and through the city to work. The North Face trail shoes I just got are wreaking havoc on my toes, and I'm just about done with them. Too bad. (TNF TRII)
*x2 pull ups, I keep forgetting to log these 

Wednesday, Aug 19:
Easy run (45min, 5.5mi) - Nice and easy lunch run up Terwilliger and back. I was tired today and my groin muscles were a little sore from yesterday, as were my feet and toes. I can't remember the last time I had a sore groin from running. Used to happen a lot, but not these days. Lots of trail shifting and downhill running in the second half so perhaps that's the cause. (P31)

Thursday, Aug 20:
Tempo run (66min, 9.5mi, 8mi tempo) - I wasn't feeling tip-top for this run, but I managed to tough my way through it mostly at or below half-marathon pace, which in a way is even more of a confidence boost than drilling it. I had the Garmin set incorrectly for the first half, and as a result went out too hard on the tempo portion after a mile warmup. I through down a 6:05 on the second mile of tempo, which was about 25 seconds faster than I should've been. In fact, my first four miles of tempo were fast, which is what made the run more difficult than it needed to be. Anyhow, it was good effort and things are coming together on all fronts so far. Speed seems to be there. Longer hard efforts pushing lactate threshold are there, and we'll see how the long run goes this weekend. Other than lacking enough sleep, a still injured heal, and a few mangled toes I'm feeling pretty good. (LR3 - these weren't comfy)
*Splits: 6:34, 6:05, 6:23, 6:21, 6:30, 6:27, 6:30, 6:34

Friday, Aug 21:
*Needed a running day off
Bike to work (21min, 5.4mi)
Bike home (32min, 6.3mi) - I took Westwood off Terwilliger and played around in the hills a bit before heading home. A good recovery day with just a little boost of strength on the climbs. 

Saturday, Aug 21:
Long steady run (162min, 21mi, 7:43 pace) - Uncanny I averaged the exact same overall pace as on my last long run. I guess that's my steady all-day pace. I'm writing this on Wednesday now, so not much else to say except I'm happy with the way this run turned out. 

Weekly Totals:
- 538 minutes total
- 425 minutes run, 55 miles
- 53 minutes bike
- 60 minutes yoga

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