Monday, August 24, 2015

PDX Marathon: Week 12 (7 weeks out)

I crushed it this week. I got in three "quality" workouts that worked three different systems at various paces. Typically, I would be happy with just one of these workouts going as planned during the week, let alone three. I'm speaking of a VO2 max session, lactate threshold/tempo session, and a long steady run. I'm somehow managing this without injury and too much fatigue. Steady as she goes so far.
Monday, Aug 17:
Fartlek run (60min, 8mi) 6 x 3min hard (sub-6:00) / 3min easy - I drilled this run at lunch today. One of the better runs of this type I've ever had. (Zante)

Tuesday, Aug 18:
Yoga (60min)
Hilly medium-long trail run (92min, 11mi) - Colin and I switched the run to Tuesday this week so we'd have a little more time to run. Took it straight up the trail from work to Fairmount and then connected with the Marquam 4T trail to the zoo. From here we continued on the Marquam and zoo trail circuit to Washington Park and then wound our way down and through the city to work. The North Face trail shoes I just got are wreaking havoc on my toes, and I'm just about done with them. Too bad. (TNF TRII)
*x2 pull ups, I keep forgetting to log these 

Wednesday, Aug 19:
Easy run (45min, 5.5mi) - Nice and easy lunch run up Terwilliger and back. I was tired today and my groin muscles were a little sore from yesterday, as were my feet and toes. I can't remember the last time I had a sore groin from running. Used to happen a lot, but not these days. Lots of trail shifting and downhill running in the second half so perhaps that's the cause. (P31)

Thursday, Aug 20:
Tempo run (66min, 9.5mi, 8mi tempo) - I wasn't feeling tip-top for this run, but I managed to tough my way through it mostly at or below half-marathon pace, which in a way is even more of a confidence boost than drilling it. I had the Garmin set incorrectly for the first half, and as a result went out too hard on the tempo portion after a mile warmup. I through down a 6:05 on the second mile of tempo, which was about 25 seconds faster than I should've been. In fact, my first four miles of tempo were fast, which is what made the run more difficult than it needed to be. Anyhow, it was good effort and things are coming together on all fronts so far. Speed seems to be there. Longer hard efforts pushing lactate threshold are there, and we'll see how the long run goes this weekend. Other than lacking enough sleep, a still injured heal, and a few mangled toes I'm feeling pretty good. (LR3 - these weren't comfy)
*Splits: 6:34, 6:05, 6:23, 6:21, 6:30, 6:27, 6:30, 6:34

Friday, Aug 21:
*Needed a running day off
Bike to work (21min, 5.4mi)
Bike home (32min, 6.3mi) - I took Westwood off Terwilliger and played around in the hills a bit before heading home. A good recovery day with just a little boost of strength on the climbs. 

Saturday, Aug 21:
Long steady run (162min, 21mi, 7:43 pace) - Uncanny I averaged the exact same overall pace as on my last long run. I guess that's my steady all-day pace. I'm writing this on Wednesday now, so not much else to say except I'm happy with the way this run turned out. 

Weekly Totals:
- 538 minutes total
- 425 minutes run, 55 miles
- 53 minutes bike
- 60 minutes yoga

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

PDX Marathon: Week 11 (8 weeks out)

Got myself injured this week on the Wednesday trail run. Slammed my left heel into a pointy rock on a descent. I missed Thursday's run as a result, but was back at it Friday. However, it's Monday night and it's still slightly tender and swollen. Best runs by far this week were my medium-long run Monday at lunch, and my SW Portland exploration run Saturday evening.

Over the next 5-6 weeks I'm entering peak training mode in order to properly taper the last 2-3 weeks to peak at race time. Of course, this is all in theory, but I hope to nail down a speed workout, a tempo run, and a long run each week, with the occasional step back in at least one of these runs each week to prevent overtraining. I hope the get up to a 10 mile tempo run over this span and get in three runs of 20+ miles. A half-marathon would also be nice, but the only possibility is slim as it's on Karen's birthday. We'll see. Might be fun going into a marathon not having run any races in the build-up.    

Sunday, Aug 9:
Recovery run (48min, 5.7mi) - I was stiff and tired this morning. Not great sleep due to chillens waking us up a couple times. Surprised I managed to roll out of bed really. Took me forever to warmup, but I did, and the last fifteen minutes I was good to go. Found a great little gem of a coffee shop tucked away in a neighborhood down the road. Looking forward to checking it out. (P31)

Monday, Aug 10:
Medium-long run (94min, 12mi) - Did this one at lunch time. Can't do it often but I did today. Thought about doing some VO2 max fartleks today, but my body was telling me no. So, I just went long and easy and toured the Sellwood and Westmoreland neighborhoods. Happy with my decision on this run. (1500s)

Tuesday, Aug 11:
AM ride (20min, 5.3mi) - Took Terwilliger
Yoga (60min)
PM ride (~45min, 24min uphill) - Took my route up to Fairmount. This one was kind of an ass kicker for me today. I was struggling towards the top and was out of the saddle a fair bit. Just what I needed today though.

Wednesday, Aug 12:
Hilly trail run (64min, 6mi) - Colin and I switched the route up a bit today. I felt great but kept the effort under control in order to hopefully get in 8 miles of tempo tomorrow. Unfortunately, I heeled a pointy rock today on one of our descents and it's had lingering effects. There is some swelling and it hurts. Think I twisted my ankle a bit too because it's sore on the lateral side. Status check tomorrow. (TNF TRII)

Thursday, Aug 13:
Day off - Heel is causing me to limp around so I took the day off.

Friday, Aug 14:
Tempo run (57min, 8mi/6mi tempo) 6:46, 6:25, 6:24, 6:38, 6:28, 6:27 - So my heel was still tender and swollen today, but only when walking. When running on the balls of my feet it was barely noticeable unless I was going downhill, so I picked flat route and went for it. Originally, I had an 8 mile tempo planned, but I kept it tame due to my injury. Since I shortened the length I tried to push the pace a little bit to boost the training effect. This was not an easy run for me, but I was happy I was able to hold pace under 6:30 for most the mile splits. I intentionally threw in a slower mile 4 just to see if I could get myself to back off closer to MP and feel okay, and then push it again. Overall, considering I was unable to run the day before I'm happy with this effort. (Zante)

Saturday, Aug 15:
Exploration easy run (75min, 9mi) - I went on an exploration run on mostly new streets from our house to Multnomah Village to Burlingame and back another route up passed Wilson High School. I needed this and it was a perfect evening for it. Very hilly route but I took it nice and easy. This was definitely a rejuvenation run for the soul and spirit of running. (P31)

Weekly Totals:
- 468 total minutes
- 343 minutes run (5)
- 85 minutes bike
- 60 minutes yoga

Thursday, August 13, 2015

PDX Marathon: Week 10

Sunday, Aug 2:
Uphill run (65min, 8mi, 30min uphill) - No time for a long run today. I was thinking about going for 90 minutes or so, but time started slipping away from me. I elected to kind of take a new route into the west hills via neighborhood roads. I basically ended up going uphill for 30 minutes to Fairmount near the top of Council Crest. I took it easy the whole way, so this was really just an easy strength and toughness builder. It was good. Coming back down was kinda lame, but overall I was happy with the improvisational nature of the run. (P31)

Gilgamesh Brewing, a buddy of mine from high school started this little outfit a few years back. They have received rave reviews and grown into a respected player regionally. This was my first taste, and this Oedipus IPA did not disappoint, and thankfully did not come across hop heavy. It was balanced and smooth and delicious.  

Monday, Aug 3:
AM run to work (39min, 4.8mi) - Standard run to work. Seemed a little tough after yesterday's hill workout. (Zante)

PM run home (42min, 5.2mi) - Just as standard home. (Zante)

Tuesday, Aug 4:
Ride to track (14min)
Track workout (~40min, ~5mi) 3 x 400- 100- 400- 100- 400- 600E + 1 x 400H
Ride home (20min)
-I went down to Duniway and did a track workout with Team Red Lizard for the first time. It felt good to be on the track again, but the workout itself was very individualistic in nature. There were three different options and everyone was kind of doing their own thing. So, basically the only thing I got out of this excursion was the idea behind the workout. Sure, there was a bunch of us using the same track, but for the most part I was on my own. I guess I was hoping for the communal, team nature present at track workout with the Guelph Victors and I did not get that. Not sure if it was just this particular workout, or if it's like this every time. Not too motivated to go again, but I would like to get involved with some kind of local running group. (Zante)

Duniway Track. West Hills, Terwilliger, and trails in trees on right.

Wednesday, Aug 5:
Hilly trail run (62min, 6.7mi) - Was on my own for this run and I wasn't really into it. Couldn't really get into a rhythm, my legs were, and I felt kinda tired. I can't decide whether or not I like my new North Face TRII shoes either. My foot seems to slide a around a bit. (TNF TRII)

Thursday, Aug 6:
Easy run (71min, 9mi) - Can't really remember this run, but I think I went from work and crossed the Howthorne Bridge, and ran down the east side of the river. (890s)

Saturday Aug. 8:
Long run w/ last 2mi @ MP (147min, 19mi, 7:43 pace) - Finished off a seven run week with my longest effort since Boston. I maintained a reasonable pace overall and felt pretty good throughout the run. I thought this route would be closer to 20 miles, and as it was I had to tack on nearly a mile once I got back home just to get to 19 miles. The 2 miles at MP (6:41 and 6:47 respectively) to finish was not planned, but I felt like I had it to give. Part of this was due to the fact I was coming downhill for the majority of mile 18. (Zante)

Weekly Totals:
500 total minutes
- 466 minutes run, 58 miles (7)
- 34 minutes bike

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

PDX Marathon: Week 9

Sunday, July 26:
Long run (148min, 18mi) - This was easily one of the worst runs of my life. I wasn't too into it to begin with, and then about an hour in I had to deal with some serious GI issues that forced me to stop on several occasions and hit a restroom three separate times. I would've stopped even more if there had been more available potty stops. It was bad. The only thing I got out of this run was time on my feet and a mental boost that I battled through a difficult situation. Not good. (Zante)

Monday, July 27:
AM ride (20min, 5mi)
PM ride home (46min, 10mi) - Took it up to Fairmount today after work. Technically, this was an "off" day from running, but I did get a nice climb in on the bike. Took me 23 minutes and change to get up to Fairmount, which is close to my FKT for this route.

Tuesday, July 28:
AM run to work (38min, 4.8mi) 
*Yoga (60min)
PM tempo run home (45min, 6.2mi, 7:16 pace) - I pushed the pace pretty good on the uphills via Terwilliger and up passed Wilson High School on my route home. I think it worked out to 20 minutes of fairly hard uphill running and a steady pace on the flats. Loving the tempo runs right now. Plan to do another on Friday. (Zante)

Wednesday, July 29:
Hilly trail run (  ) - Pretty standard, however I was running in the new North Face TR II hybrid trail/road shoe so I had moments where I picked up the pace. It was nice to have the extra grip of the trail tread, but I think I've grown accustom to the responsiveness of the lighter, more race oriented shoes on the trail over the past couple months. The TR II will definitely have a prominent place in my rotation, but for now I'll give them a 7 out of 10. (TR II)

Thursday, July 30:
Easy maintenance run (46min, 5.7mi) - Very chill out and back from work along the river. (Zante)

Friday, July 31:
Tempo run (71min, 10mi) 2mi easy, 7mi tempo, 1mi easy - I ran early from work before the heat got debilitating and pretty much nailed this run. My splits for the tempo portion were between 6:20-6:38 per mile, which is right where I want to be for this type of run. There were moments where it hurt, but overall I felt very much in control. Easily the best confidence boosting run I've had this training block. (Zante)


Rewarded myself for a solid week of running with this little gem I stumbled across from Ecliptic Brewing right here in Portland. Previously unknown brewery to me, but flavorful farmhouse style Saisons have recently become a favorite of mine. The rhubarb this little guy is brewed with gives the beer a stylish pink hue, adds to the beer's overall fruity tone, and provides tartness to balance out the beer's bitter notes. It's delicious and at 5% ABV, a perfect summertime beer. 

Weekly Totals:
- 535 minutes total
- 409 minutes run (6)
- 66 minutes bike
- 60 minutes yoga