Friday, September 4, 2015

PDX Marathon: Week 13 (6 weeks out)

Monday, Aug 24:
Fartlek run (58min, 7.7mi) 5 x 4min hard / 3min easy - I was definitely fatigued from Saturday's long run, but nonetheless I drilled this run for the most part. I screwed up the setting on my watch again, so I had no idea at the time what pace I was running, but after reviewing the data I was running sub-6min mile pace on each interval except one, which was 6:04. That's about it. (1400s)

Tuesday, Aug 25:
Easy run (~50min, ~6mi) - Took Colin on his first bridge crossing run downtown. Very easy down to Steel Bridge and back. (K4)
Yoga (60min) 

Wednesday, Aug 26:
Hilly trail run (60min, 6.8mi) - Marquam circuit during lunch. Feel tired today. (P31)

Thursday, Aug 27:
Tempo run (56min, 9.3mi, 4/3mi tempo) 1mi easy, 4mi tempo sub-MP, 3min easy, 3mi tempo, easy - Hot, tired, lunch run. Not bad really, but I did have 2 x 4mi planned and just didn't have it in me on the second go-round so I cut it short. I'm okay with it. Been feeling good otherwise so c'est la vie. (Zante...zbest)

Friday, Aug 28:
Easy run (47min, 5.8mi) - Steel Bridge loop lunch run. (P31)

Saturday, Aug 29:
Tempo trail run (95min, ~11mi) second half tempo - Not getting back to writing this until Thursday now. This was a great run with Carter. Came back pretty quick (about 7min faster), but it was a net downhill and Carter's feet took a beating. Poor bastard chews on them to make things worse, so we have to put the "Cone of Shame" on him to keep him from paw fussing. Anyhow, bagged the long run today in lieu of some sleep, and also based on the forecast, which called for rain and high winds. Sounded like a good day to take the dog to Forest Park for some mud boggin in the woods. Turns out the rain didn't really happen, but then wind was nutty. The trees were fully swaying and cracking, and occasionally there'd be a loud crack and boom of a tree snapping and falling in the not to far off distance. Kinda scary, but definitely a unique and cool experience to be running through a forest during a minor windstorm. (TNF TRII)

Weekly Totals:
- 466 minutes total
- 366 minutes run, 47 miles
- 60 minutes yoga

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