March/April 2016 Training Log

Sunday, Mar 6:
Medium-long run (85min, 12m) - Down through Tryon Creek and back.

Monday, Mar 7 to Saturday, Mar 12:
I didn't keep up this week on logging my runs. I took a couple days off to rest my heel for Shamrock, and all my runs were easy with nothing longer than a 7-miler on Wednesday. I rode the bike to work Monday and Friday. Yoga Tuesday.

Sunday, Mar 13:
Shamrock Run 15k (62:30) - I felt pretty good coming into this race. Couldn't beat my fastest time from 2010 (34 yrs old), 61:54.

Monday, March 14 to Sunday, March 20:
Took this week off from running to try and let my heel recover. Still tender after a week of no running. I rode my bike to work a couple times. Going to try and stay fit by cycling as much as possible. Think I'm taking the next week off as well.

*I ended up taking nearly three weeks off here. I eased back into it and three weeks out from the Burn 50k I hit Gales Creek Trail for a 15 miler. My foot held up ok-ish, so I went back for a 20 miler the following weekend as my last "tough" run two weeks out from the race. I think I handled rest, injury recovery, and training for the Burn reasonably well during this stretch. I don't think I would have changed my approach to this stretch in hindsight. 

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