Tuesday, July 28, 2015

PDX Marathon: Week 8

Kind of a standard week for me. I'm happy with my effort on the trail run and with the tempo run on Thursday. I need to start stretching things out a bit, but training is tougher now that I'm working full time, and we're just busier in general. That said, I also feel I might be benefiting from not running quite as much. Body feels a little better, and I'm not as obsessed as I was heading into Boston. Plus, I have to be getting stronger and fitter with all the damn hills I'm running. Need a big week next week though just to prove to myself I can do it. 

Sunday, July 19:
Long Progression Wildwood Trail run (110min, ~13mi) - This was a killer run in the extreme heat (near 100F) of the afternoon. The forest was considerably cooler. Took a nice nose dive shortly after the halfway turn around point. Somehow managed to run away without a scratch, but lost nearly half the water in my larger handheld bottle when I landed on it. I crushed this run apparently. I thought I came back much faster than I went out, but it was only a negative split by a minute or so (hard to know for sure because I lost some time after my crash). A nice hard long run like this on the trails has to have an equal or greater training effect than an steady 18-20mi long run. Regardless, it's more fun and better for the soul, and I will be where I need to be by marathon time on Oct. 4. (K4 - fun trail shoe)

Monday, July 20:
*Have a little lingering tendinitis in my right calf from Friday's run, so no run today.

AM ride (20min, 5mi)
PM ride (29min, 6.75mi) - Took a mini detour home, but kept it easy for the most part.

Tuesday, July 21:
AM run to work (38min, 4.7mi) - This felt good spiritually. Little tired though. (Zante)

PM run home (50min, 6.2mi) - Planned on going hard back up Terwilliger, but wasn't really feeling it, so I chose to go steady hard(ish). I had a couple sections where I picked it up for a minute or two at a time but chose to listen to my body. The total time on my feet running today provided stimulus enough. Also thinking of going hard uphill to Council Crest on Thursday, plus there's the weekly trail run tomorrow. Also also, best to take it easy on my niggling calf/tendon. I like having a day where I run to and from work. Building up to 2+ days would be nice. (Zante)

Wednesday, July 22:
Hilly trail run (65min, ~6mi) - Marquam Trail system with Colin. (1400s)

Thursday, July 23:
Tempo run (65min, 9mi) - 2mi easy, 6mi tempo, 1mi easy
*6:55, 6:50, 6:41, 6:42, 6:36, 6:34
-I was feeling a little tired and off today so I eased back on the pace just a bit. In the end, it was a decent little marathon pace type run. I'm happy I've been consistently building on these tempo runs because I think they're really going to help my marathon performance. If I can keep stretching these out and get a couple long runs at marathon pace I like my chances heading into the Portland Marathon. (Zante)

Friday, July 24:
Yoga - 60min

Saturday, July 25:
Easy run (50min, 5.6mi) - Ran from home early this morning through Gabriel Park and into Woods Park. It was nice to be out early, but other than I was not into this run this morning. I was tired and a bit sore and stiff. Haven't had a run from beginning to end like this in a long time, where I just never got into it or loosened up. The fact I felt like this the day after an off day is a bit odd, but not completely unheard of. It happens. (P31)

Weekly Totals:
- 487 total minutes
- 378 minutes run
- 49 minutes bike

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

PDX Marathon: Week 7

I'm happy with this week overall. My minutes run were down because I shortened my Sunday "long" run way down and went hard instead. My mid-week runs were varied in terrain and pace, and reasonably long for mid-week runs. Three quality runs for the week. That's good. Things are starting to come around. Need to get at least three 20+ mile runs in over the next eight weeks. Or, trail runs in the 150 minute range. 

Sunday, July 12:
Uphill tempo run (56min, 19min uphill tempo, 7mi) 3min uphill, 10min, 5min, 1min - Last day of a step back week. Eased back on the mileage but hammered it hard on the uphills at tempo while pushing #1 (~40lbs) in the stroller from one end of Terwilliger to the other and back. In this case, we went from Barbur to Duniway Track. The way back is somewhere between 600-700ft of elevation gain over the course of 3.5 miles, which is just enough uphill to hurt but still maintain a steady pace. Add to that a stroller and a forty pound #1, and you got yourself an arse-kicker of a workout. And it was hot. (Zante, love them)

Monday, July 13:
Fartlek VO2 max run (49min, 6.6mi) 15min easy, 5 x 3min Hard/2min easy, 9min easy - From work down to Sellwood. These types of workouts have typically been tough for me the past year, but today wasn't bad. My hard repeats were around 5k pace (~6:00), which is a touch slow for this kind of workout, but at this point I'm just looking for as many different paces as I can get during the week. Variety, pace, and strength are key for me this training cycle. Not going to be able to log as many weekly miles this time around, so getting tougher and faster are key. At least that's what I've convinced myself for now. (P31)

Tuesday, July 14:
AM run to work (40min, 5.2mi) - Good morning for a run to work. (Zante)
Yoga (60min)
PM ride home (20min, 4.6) - Straight home.
  *pull ups x2

Wednesday, July 15:
Hilly trail run (56min, ~5.3mi) - Played on the Marquam Trail circuit with Colin after work. We had a couple nice steep sections, but no real big extended climbs other the first one straight up right out the gate. Shredded several downhill sections. (1500s)

Thursday, July 16:
Easy run (57min, 7mi) - Down to Sellwood and back after work. Easy felt good. (P31)

Friday, July 17:
Tempo run (59min, 8mi) 2mi easy, 5mi Tempo, 1mi easy 
*6:47, 6:43, 6:31, 6:47, 6:20 (throw down)
-Building up the length of my tempo run a mile at a time. I like it. I'm finally starting to dig these runs and I'm well ahead of my Boston training in terms of this type of fitness. Would like to build these up to 8mi-10mi and then start ramping up the intensity if I can handle it. Wasn't feeling super smooth today, but did manage to find a rhythm the back half of the tempo. Lunch run. (Zante)

Weekly Totals:
- 397 total minutes (counting yoga now)
317 minutes run
- 20 minutes bike
- 60 minutes yoga

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

PDX Training: Week 6 - Step Back Week

Sunday, July 5: Step Back Week
Long run (123min, 15.6mi, 7:54 pace) - Took it pretty deep today. Went from our house to Terwilliger, down across Hawthorne Bridge, down eastside esplanade, over Sellwood Bridge, and up the Marquam Trail. This loop can easily be extended by crossing the Steel Bridge (~18mi), or crossing the Broadway Bridge (~20mi). I'm sure I'll find out the exact distance at some point. I did much better getting up the Marquam this time. Kept up a steady pace for the first 13mi. Longest run since Boston. (NB Zante)

Monday, July 6:
Easy run (48min, 6mi) - Along the river after work. Very hot and wasn't feeling it today. (Nike P31)

Tuesday, July 7:
Tempo run (59min, 8mi) - 2mi w/u, 4mi tempo (6:46, 6:42, 6:32, 6:32), 2mi c/d - Very happy with this run. Ran from work down river path and across Sellwood to the 4mi mark, and turned around to retrace. Heat was a factor again, but I kept the tempo up regardless. Might've run the last two a little fast, but all four mile splits are right in the Marathon Pace (MP) range I'm hoping to hit in October. This is a good sign. (NB 1500s)

Wednesday, July 8:
Hilly Trail Run (57min, ~6mi) - Colin and I headed up into the OHSU/Marquam Trail system from work today. This was a great run. Harder effort than I was after the day after a tempo run, but I think I'm taking a day off tomorrow so should be good by Friday. This run just further solidified the fact trail running around here is vastly better than road running. And the road running is damn good. (NB 1400s been a while since I've run in these puppies...fun)

Friday, July 10:
AM ride (19min, 5mi)

Lunch easy run (39min, 5mi) - Definitely needed an easy day. Feeling fatigued.

Weekly Totals:
- 345 total minutes
- 326 minutes run
- 19 minutes bike
-Planned on running some on Saturday but it didn't work out with family life. In the end, I think not running insured this was truly a step back week. Feeling more and more like a runner again. Longer and longer fartlek runs and tempo runs are in order for the next several weeks. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

PDX Training: Week 5

Sunday, June 28:
Long run (110min, 14mi) - Ran from my house up Vermont, passed Wilson High School, and down the Marquam Trail to the river. I crossed the Sellwood bridge and ran down the Eastside Esplanade a couple miles, and then retraced my route. Going back up the Marquam Trail and over the hill by Wilson was a definite gut-buster. My longest run to date since moving back to Portland. I liked this route. (Zante)

Monday, June 29:
AM ride (15min, 3.9mi)

Lunch Tempo Run (45min, 6mi) 2mi Easy, 3mi Tempo (6:41, 6:30, 6:25), 1 Easy - Ran along the river to Sellwood today for a nice tempo run. First time I've run at pace for an extended period of time for a long time. It was hot out there yet again today, but for the most part this was a good workout and I felt pretty good. I went a little harder than necessary, but the effort was controlled and steady. (K5)

PM ride (23min, 4.8mi)

Tuesday, June 30:
AM run (33min, 4.2) - Ran to work. Took "cliffhanger" staircase down to Hamilton from Terwilliger. (Zante)
*Yoga (60min)
PM interval run (~51min, 6.75mi) 24min w/u, 6 x 600m w/2min rest, 14min c/d 
Rep times: 2:11, 2:08, 2:10, 2:07, 2:09, 2:10
-Very hot for the evening run home and track workout. Happy with my effort though. Consistent, with decent speed considering the weather and the fact my legs are thrashed from all the hills. (Zante)

Wednesday, July 1:
Easy run (64min, 7mi) - Took Colin from work down through PSU and up into Washington Park. This would be a very good route for a long(ish) tempo uphill session and a hard downhill push. Later in the training block for sure. (K5)

Thursday, July 2:
AM run (38min, 5mi) - Terwilliger all the way the Duniway Track. Keep running by the same young homeless couple sleeping just off the trail in the ivy near the track. The duality of life. I felt pretty beat down most of this run. (Zante)

PM ride (21min, 4.4mi) - Straight home.

Saturday, July 3:
Fartlek run (50min, 6.8mi) 12min w/u, 15 x 1min Hard/1min easy, 8min c/d - Hot again. Parked basically at Barbur and Terwilliger and ran all the way down Terwilliger for 24 minutes. Turned around at Duniway and ran back to the car. The return trip is more up than down or flat, so this was a tough workout. As tough as it was these types of short intensity workouts are already starting to feel much easier after just a few of them. Good sign. (LR3)

Weekly Totals:
- 450 minutes
- 391 minutes run (7)
- 59 minutes bike
First time I've had seven runs in a week in a very long time. Really bumped up the minutes this week. Starting to feel like a runner again.