May Training Log (2016)

Saturday, May 14:
Long trail run in Forest Park (116min, ~12m) - We'll see how long I can keep this log up with my schedule. I have a new fancy Garmin app on my phone that keeps track of this kind of stuff for me now. I guess this was Day 1 of a training block leading up to Mt. Hood 50k on July 10. I need to train basically as if I'm training for a marathon, with some hills mixed in. Should be fun as long as I can keep it up. My heel and fascia are still tender, but trending in the right direction.
This was also Colin's longest run ever to date as well. I'll be focusing on getting him ready for the Oregon Coast 50k on October 8th, 2016. Carter got to come along today as well. He was pooped by the end. 

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